Saturday, March 15, 2008

Traffic Cones

No urban painter is properly equipped without traffic cones.

Before you begin painting a street scene, place two cones in the street in front of you to secure the view. If you don’t, a 12-foot high delivery truck will park right in front of you.

No one will question the authority of traffic cones, especially if you stencil them with official-looking markings.

They also come in handy as distinctive apparel to wear to gallery openings.


Erik Bongers said...

Definitely the most useful post on this blog so far !

And since I'm making a list of preference :
The second best post of this blog is no doubt the previous post you wrote on this outdoor painting session. Although you didn't really elaborate on that usefull trick that your artist friend demonstrated:
placing some paper towel under your armpit to deal with the excessive transpiration of an artist at work.

Kellie Marian Hill said...

wow. I cannot stop laughing- thanks so much, especially for your revelation concerning appropriate headgear for openings :D

Anonymous said...

This is funny! I wish I would be able, making a living, doing something similar.

Anonymous said...

Oh man, That is hilarious, I need to get one of those hats. Kind of looks like, your from another planet, lol.. The cones are very practical. Good stuff.

Sincerely, Jason

Anonymous said...

haha, looks fun, and illegal...haha!

got to love the tron goggles and cone hat, goes together like peanut butter and jelly!

Mary Ann Archibald said...

Super advice! (Cone head) :)

Unknown said...

what on earth are those goggles? LOL.

you look hilarious, hah!

jeff said...

Very funny, it reminds me of a documentary on parking in LA and this woman had a garbage can with no bottom to put over the fire hydrants.

I think she also used large traffic cones as well.

Anonymous said...

This just made me realise that as artists, our job is not only to create things, but to think from different perspectives and improve our own -and others'- way of life. It's posts like these where I really am glad I came upon this blog, my artistic mind feels more in tune since.

Starrpoint said...

Love this idea! fits in with my own sense of humor! LOL