Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Art By Committee: ‘Looming Up’ Results

On Wednesdays we've been playing a group sketch game called "Art By Committee," where I give you an an actual excerpt taken out of context from a science fiction manuscript and you come up with a sketch to illustrate it.

Here are this week’s results, followed by the sketch that originally appeared in my book AND a new quote for next week. Great job, everyone!

Jason Peck
Ted Wilson

And the Committee

Next week’s quote: “…protested. He too was tinted orange with anticipation.”


Anonymous said...

It is always fabulous to see so many different points of view (ironic, close to the text, largely interpreted, and so on…) about the same text.

It is a pity that I missed the dead-line…

Susan's Scribbles said...

These are so entertaining! And it is interesting to see how each artist interprets each quote. Thanks for doing this!

Roberta said...

How interesting it is to see the differences. A revealing glimpse into each artist's personality.
Uh....ok, I don't really see little mice carrying swords all the time! LOL!
Thanks for prompt, it was fun.

Sarah Stevenson said...

Wow--I'm kind of glad I didn't manage to get to it last week. I would have been seriously outclassed! :) I though Dave Harshberger's was fun, though Mark Heng's guy is closest to what I was picturing. I hadn't even gotten to the looming figure.

This week, if I can get caught up on other work, I'll be in!