Tuesday, April 15, 2008

New York Events

I enjoyed meeting a lot of fellow artists and Gurney Journey readers a week ago at the Society of Illustrators in New York. Thanks again to everyone at S of I!

For those who missed me at that venue, I hope you can make it to the "Dinotopia: Behind the Scenes" digital slide show the New York Comic Con, Saturday at noon in Room 1E02, with a signing at the Andrews McMeel booth 1715 at 2:00. For the full NYCC schedule, link.

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Matt said...

This was the first time I had been to the Society of Illustrators and it was great. There were incredible people to meet (Donato Giancola was there!). I suggest to anyone who reads this blog illustrator, painter, graphic artist, or otherwise to try to make a visit to the Society.

Also Jim's demonstration gets better every time I hear it.