Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Art By Committee: 'Wind' Results

On occasional Wednesdays, we’ve been playing a sketching game called “Art By Committee,” where I share a line and you share a sketch.

This week’s results, based on the sentence "A wind—not moving air but currents of force—rose up and tore at her," were as inventive, intelligent, and irreverent as ever. Thanks to all who sent in your solutions, and here are the results.

Topher Sipes

Rob Hummer

Jen Zeller
Arthur Keegan

Susan Adsett

Sarah Stevenson

And finally the one from the original Art By Committee sketchbook. Links to the previous ABC posts are here, here, and here. Next week we'll grapple with a new challenge.


Erik Bongers said...

I'm ashamed to say that I expected an abundance of fart-art but I'm glad to say that I'm really impressed with all these different solutions.
So far, I like these ones best.

Tom Scholes said...

Apologies that this is unrelated to the current post; I've been painting a lot of waterfalls lately at work and remembered how brilliantly you execute them. Was hoping for a post on waterfalls if you ever had the time. Thanks for all you do here :)

James Gurney said...

Tom, I'm glad you mentioned it. I'd love to do a future post on waterfalls. The thought had passed in and out of my head, and now it's definitely back in again.

Sarah Stevenson said...

I do like the original one...I was seriously toying with including some unceremoniously torn limbs in mine, but I stopped at the shoe.

These are great. Definitely a challenge this week!

Unknown said...

Great stuff guys, I love the nun. I know what that's like.

Anonymous said...

Wow! I'm amazed by all the different interpretations -that tear is so subtle and striking, and great expressions, David. The original ABC sketch is also amusing, I love written sound effects.