Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Art By Committee: “Tinted Orange”

On Wednesdays we've been playing a group sketch game called "Art By Committee." I share an actual excerpt from a science fiction novel and you come up with a sketch to illustrate it.

This week our quote was: “….protested. He too was tinted orange with anticipation.” I know, it’s a little weird, but I had a feeling you would come up with really creative solutions--and you did! Nice work, everybody.

At the end of the post is next week’s quote, so if you missed this one, scroll down and put on your thinking caps for next week.

Arthur Keegan

Rob Hummer

Susan Adsett

Jen Zeller

Gally Mathias

And the group effort from the original Committee sketchbook.

Here’s the challenge for next week, and this one should spark a lot of fun ideas. Please have your sketches in to me at jgurneyart (at) by noon this coming Tuesday. Title your JPG file with your name, let me know your preferred link, and have fun!

Tomorrow: Five More Dino Art Tips


Roberta said...

Oh yes... this was fun! It's great to see the different interpretations. I can only imagine what a "blue robed, odd looking being" will reveal!

Sarah Stevenson said...

Great ones! I love the quote for this week. I'm finally caught up on work (mostly) so I should have something for you tomorrow morning.