Thursday, November 19, 2009

Bloomsbury Auction

On Wednesday, December 9, Bloomsbury Auction house will have a sale called "Capture the Imagination: Original Illustration and Fine Illustrated Books."

There will be one Dinotopia item in the sale, a rare first edition/first printing with an even more rare title page:

Bloomsbury "Capture the Imagination" Auction Catalog, Lot 279, p. 116.
Website Bloomsbury


Steve said...

The catalog for this auction is phenonenal! Where to begin? Well, we already began with Jim Gurney, of course. But beyond that is a page out of Caldecott's sketchbook, an illustration by Humphrey Bogart's mother, a Thomas Nast self-portrait, signed Arthur Rackham volumes. The line-up is amazing: John R. Neill, several pieces by Barry Moser, a Walt Kelly original of Pogo and Albert, Hirschfeld, letters from Roald Dahl to Alfred Knopf...originals by William Steig, and a wonderful watercolor by one of my all-time favorites, the illustrator of Pokey Little Puppy, Gustaf Tenngren. I'm skipping over Sendak and Disney. The auction catalog is easy to navigate and the enlarged pages have outstanding resolution. Thanks for providing the gateway to this treat, and congratulations on the company you are keeping!

Mike Aspengren said...

Who are they kidding? This will sell for more than $500-$800.

I've a signed and remarqued Imaginative Realism that's worth more than that to me! :)

Anonymous said...

Hey cool! I was kind of bummed that my copy of Dinotopia was a 2nd edition, and now I know why. :)

goat89 said...

WOW! Amazing Dinotopia book! 1st edition eh? Man... your Dinotopia book brings back memories when I was young... I started reading them a few months back! AMAZING! Whoever has this is a lucky bugger!

K. W. Broad said...

I think I may have seen one of those, or at least another first edition at a bookstore (Powell's) near me in Portland, Oregon. The book is in this back room in a glass case with an $1800 pricetag among other ancient original texts and rare books with similar pricetags. The price is definitely deserved :)