Sunday, November 1, 2009

Prix Art et Fact to J.B. Monge

Last night at the Utopiales festival in Nantes, France, Jean-Baptiste Monge received the the Art and Fact Prize (Prix Artetfact). Mr. Monge (b. 1971) has created several magnificent oversize illustrated books on the world of faeries, and recently won the Silver Medal from Spectrum Annual of Fantastic Art.

I was honored to present the award to Mr. Monge during the ceremonies, as we are friends and I am an enthusiastic admirer of his work. He has a reverence for the masters of illustration, such as Rackham, Dulac, Bauer and Rockwell, and an uncanny ability to create believable characters in the world of faerie.
Art et Fact Association (website and gallery in French)
Website of J.B. Monge
Lines and Colors post on Mr. Monge with lots of links to his books, etc.

The award was supported by the Maison d’Ailleurs Museum (website in French and English) of Yverdon, Switzerland, whose director, Patrick Gyger, appears at left in the photo.


Peter Underhill said...

Naturally disappointed the Mr Monge's books aren't available in English, I still have several of his beautifil books. The easiest for me was to obtain them from
Worth every penny/euro/cent.
One minor criticism - in 'A LA RECHERCHE DE F√ČERIE' some of the colour pieces stand out as poorly executed, as if done by another hand.
Thankfully, there are no similarly overworked images in 'CELTIC FAERIES' - which I'd regard as being his finest work to date.
I just wish I could read French!

BB said...

Man... ,you live the sort of life that I would love to live.

Super Villain said...

this guy is magic, i remember seeing his books at your creature workshop.

great to have another favorite artist to add to my blog!

now just have to save up and get some of those books! awsome work, he deserves all the recognition he gets and more.

Anonymous said...

Well deserved. I love Monge's work. And it seems perfectly appropriate to have you presenting the award!

Moai said...

Congratulations, Mr. Monge! I'm a big fan.

David Still said...

Man I love Monge's work! I need to put his books on my wishlist...

Anonymous said...

Wow, another amazing artist discovered through your blog. Looks like I'll have to order his books through ... too bad they're not more easily accessible over here, but I'll keep looking.

PJ Lynch said...

I was delighted to see your post about Jean-Baptiste getting his much deserved award from yourself.
I hope your blog will help introduce his amazing work to a wider audience.
It would be wonderful if an American publisher took him up.
I love your blog
best wishes

Jason Pruett said...

thanks for sharing. M. Monge's work is very inspiring. Gets the ol' gray matter workin'.

Joyce said...

Wow, Jim, Mr. Monge's work is beautiful. Now I'll have to see what I can do about finding the books. Thanks for sharing the info, the links, and some of the images.