Friday, November 27, 2009

Greek Edition of Dinotopia

The Greek edition of Dinotopia: Journey to Chandara has just been published.

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on the Romanian, French, Bulgarian, Czech, and Hungarian editions.


Unknown said...

Your name is in English. I usually see the author's names in Greek (spelled phonetically). Was that a special request to keep it in English?

Emmanuel Laverde said...


Tyler J said...

Congratulations James! Thanks also for the book, its fantastic; an outstanding value =)

Erik Bongers said...

The greep alphabet does work well with dinotopia books, doesn't it.
Although the greek themselves probably won't see it as so exotic:)

James Gurney said...

Erik: Yes, I love seeing "Dinotopia" in Greek, since it's composed of the Greek roots for "terrible" and "place."

Matthew: I don't know why they wrote my name that way. I'd be OK with it either way.

Thanks, Tyler and Emmanuel!

Paulo said...

We will have a portuguese edition?

Regards from Portugal..
Paulo Alves

James Gurney said...

Paolo, thanks for asking---I'm not aware of any plans yet.