Friday, November 20, 2009

Lines and Colors

Thanks to Charley Parker of the blog Lines and Colors for his thoughtful review of Imaginative Realism. He's one of the only reviewers to talk about the genesis of the book, which of course grew from your input on this very blog!

Lines and Colors is an art blog that I check out every day, and it has led me to many discoveries that have changed my thinking about making pictures.


jeff jordan said...

That's a great review, Jim! Congratulations! It's always good to run across people who understand your intentions well enough to share their clear understanding in such eloquent terms. I keep coming back to IR myself. VERY inspirational!

BTW, as promised, my website guy dropped a link to GJ in my site, yesterday. I just got a mail this morning from a girl wanting to know how to see things better and improve her skills. I'm gonna refer her to GJ-IR as a good place to start. Other than just DOING IT, of course!

Sean Phillips said...

I bought your Imaginative Realism book yesterday and was very impressed. It will be a great help for me painting a Conan comic next year. Your model making tips will be invaluable for the temples and giant snakes I'll probably have to draw.

Ijon Tichy the Nth said...

As luck would have it, I discovered this blog through Lines and Colors. And the book in indeed is a gold mine.