Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Howard Pyle Blog

Illustrator and collector Ian Schoenherr has just started a blog on Howard Pyle. He explains:

I avidly collect the work of Howard Pyle. But that's only a slender part of my Pylomania. I also seek out information - even seemingly meaningless or useless factoids - about his life, his family, his art school, his working and teaching methods, as well as copies of his correspondence, sketches, drawings, paintings, photographs, books, magazines, prints, ephemera and esoterica - pretty much any and every kind of tidbit that has something to do with Howard Pyle. So, to justify my existence and my obsession, I've start this blog to share some of what I've learned or accumulated.

The Howard Pyle blog.


nana said...

Amazing, thanks for the tip!

Ian Schoenherr said...

And please bear with me as I get used to all this!