Thursday, December 10, 2009

Frazetta's Son Busted for Trying to Steal His Father's Art

Mark F. of BoingBoing reports:
"Police report that Alfonso Frank Frazetta (above) was caught red handed stealing 90 of his famous father's paintings. They said he and an accomplice had broken into the Frank Frazetta museum in rural Pennsylvania and were loading the paintings, worth $20 million, into a trailer.

Alfonso, 52, told the police his father had instructed him to "enter the museum by any means necessary to move all the paintings to a storage facility." But Frazetta, who is 81 and was in Florida at the time of the alleged theft said he did not give his son permission to remove the paintings from the museum."

Above article on BoingBoing.

More to the story:
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kev ferrara said...
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Dan dos Santos said...

Let me get this straight.

You are stealing from your Dad, while he is still alive, because your Mom isn't there to tell you 'no'.
Ace move, Alfonso.

Anonymous said...

This is ridiculously sad. On so many levels actually....

Will Kelly said...

Crime does not pay!

Sometimes being an artist does...

Andrew Olson said...

seems like a real class act

Unknown said...

Now also @ GurneyJourney: celebrities blog starring all of your favourite artists and their dirty laundry! :-)

tayete said...

This will kill poor Frank...he must be really sad.

Peter Underhill said...

An accomplice took the door off with a backhoe? Subtle.

Tim said...

Guys, before we go nuts and condemn Frank Jr, read the full article that is linked. It has to do with the fact that the doctor of Frank Sr. is now in charge of the Frazetta corp, and has begun or is intending to sell off the paintings. I dont know what is and what isn't true, but I think we should hold off on the pointing of the fingers until the facts reveal themselves.

Super Villain said...

i have to agree with tim on this one, got to be very very carfull about pointing fingers and posting mug shots, haha.

this is a comment that i found very interesting on that boingboing artical

" greengestalt | #9 | 20:50 on Thu, Dec.10 | Reply

Please ref to the rest of the article:

Due to extreme age, Frazetta is suffering from Senile Dementia. The business stuff was handled by Frazetta's wife, but then she passed away. It's her DOCTOR that is now 'in charge'... Can you say "Conflict of Interest"?

What'd you do if you had a legacy that'd let you live easy and rich for a long time, or assure you'd be OK even in a great depression 2.0, but then as your parents were passing away people they interacted with (Lawyers, doctors) suddenly had the "Rights" to it all transferred to them? Wish I was on whatever jury he faces, I'd let him off even if he shot them.

"Intellectual property" shouldn't just be for big companies. When Fraz goes, his son should own the 'rights' to his paintings, to profit from the sale/use of them. Granted a person may "Disinherit" someone, but when it's their doctor/lawyer at their death bed naming themselves as the new "Heir" there's outright lies if not coercion and manipulation going on. Frankly, such a professional should NOT be allowed under any circumstances to get assets that way as a "Conflict of Interest"."

Super Villain said...

but also on the other hand, frazetta jr should have hired a lawyer and taken the doctor to court and done everything legally. that way he proably would have saved his fathers art and his own name. but by making a bone head move like this he will for sure lose his fathers art to the doctor and never have a chance to save his name or have a fair trail to reclaim his fathers work?

jeff said...

I feel sorry for Frank Frazetta, this is one sad story.

I did not know that Frank Frazetta was still alive.

I love his work and his Bridgman studies on lined notebook paper are great.

jeff said...

I read the full article.
Frank Jr. was in the wrong.
He broke the law.

What he should have done is to have found a good lawyer and got an injunction. Is Frank Frazetta suffering from some form of dementia, which the article did not say, or this just the bad result of a family feud.

Justin said...

You're assuming that the doctor is trying to enrich himself at Frazetta Sr.'s expense. Maybe the doctor is the one ensuring there's enough money available for Dad's ongoing care, and the son is angry about his inheritance being spent.

poggy said...

Jeff: yeah, Frazetta sr. has dementia, they mention it in this article:

Tim Townsend's thread on Deviantart also offers more insight on the fact if you feel like combing through the comments, like this.

Super Villain said...

its a bad situation either way.

if the son is trying to steal his fathers work to make money


if the doctor who is supposed to be taking care of frazetta is robbing him blind in his weak mental state. and his son is only trying to save his lifes work.

im assuming nothing. but i'm not eager to jump on the badwagon and say that frazetta jr is a horrible person.

on a side note i find interesting that frazetta jrs teeth are so black, and that he used a bulldozer to break down the musem door?

Super Villain said...

video of frazetta jr's wife talking about what they did was legal?

BB said...

I don´t have any words 1

K. W. Broad said...

It's funny how drastically news can change depending on who is reporting it. The details keep changing across different sites. One should remember that most reporters base their stories from an outside observation and not always with the solid facts. Sometimes if they can't get answers, they'll invent some (My own family has been hurt by this in the past).

To me this definitely sounds like there's a lot more going on in the background than we're going to hear about right away. I'm curious to see how the trial will pan out.

Christopher Manzanares said...

I hadn't heard, before,that Ellie had past away. That must have been the worst for Frank. I'm just going to hope for the best possible outcome for the Frazetta family, and Frank Sr.