Saturday, December 19, 2009

Stout's New Dinosaurs

William Stout’s 1981 book The Dinosaurs was a huge inspiration for me when I was starting out, and so it's exciting to see that he has met and surpassed his earlier work with Dinosaur Discoveries. The forthcoming book brings together more than sixty recently discovered dinosaurs along with facts about anatomy, diet, environment.

The loving crosshatch and muted colors showcases his taste, artistry, and scientific authority. The solid binding and crisp detail continues the impeccable production standards of Flesk Publications.

A companion volume called New Dinosaur Discoveries A-Z marches the menagerie through the alphabet. Note to paleontologists: if you discover a new dinosaur, give it a name that starts with X or Z. You'll get it featured by top talent.

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donna said...

I've met him once, he's cool...

Daniel Silberberg said...

Wonderful! I got the original from my uncle, who was one of my artistic inspirations. Can't wait to check out the new one.