Monday, December 14, 2009

Prehistoric Times and Digital Image

Thanks to the readers of Prehistoric Times for voting Imaginative Realism the "Favorite Prehistoric Animal Book of 2009."

Also, I really appreciate the review from Digital Image Magazine, which noted that the book is not just for fantasy artists who use traditional materials.
"There are a few pages devoted to traditional materials and methods, but most of the book contains information any artist, digital or otherwise, will find helpful. Even if you’re not painting fantasy images, you’ll find useful techniques for composition, altering lighting, color schemes, focus, directing the eye, telling a story, and so forth."

Check out Digital Image homepage with a cool feature on using chiaroscuro in portraits.

Note to aspiring and established paleoartists: Prehistoric Times is a great venue for getting your work seen. Information about submitting your artwork here.


BobN said...

Thanks for the link, Jim. And thanks for writing such a great book! It was a pleasure to review.

Joe Jusko said...

Read my copy this past weekend, Jim. Great book! Funny how so many of us approach illustration procedure in such similar fashions. I've lost count of how often I've related much of what you've written to fledgling artists at so many cons. Wonderful reading and a welcome addition to my ever expanding library!