Monday, March 22, 2010

Eyetracking in International Artist

The new International Artist magazine has a six page feature on the research on eyetracking and composition that I did with the help of Greg Edwards of Eyetools, Inc. The feature includes an extra painting that I didn't have room to analyze in Imaginatiive Realism.

You can virtually browse a few pages of International Artist on their offical website.
Previously on GurneyJourney: Eyetracking.
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davidmaas said...

It would be interesting to see these studies done on different cultural groups - Asian and Western, for example. There was a study that showed that those raised in Asian cultures spend considerably more time viewing background detail.

My Pen Name said...

davidmaas, don't even think you'd have to go as far as the orient...
what about, say hunters?
Military researchers have found that two groups of personnel are particularly good at spotting anomalies: those with hunting backgrounds, who traipsed through the woods as youths looking to bag a deer or turkey; and those who grew up in tough urban neighborhoods, where it is often important to know what gang controls which block.

Andrew Finnie said...

thanks Gurney, looks very interesting, will keep my 'eye' out - so to speak

davidmaas said...

Thanks for that link MyPenName.
Its amazing how much can learn from stepping down to another level of detail.
For anyone interested, the study I mentioned was:
"Culture and Diverging Views of Social Events" by Hannah Faye Chua,
Janxin Leu & Richard E. Nisbett at the University of Michigan.

Alonso said...

this whole subject is interesting. I'd be curious to see how the eye flows around a blank page, to test the whole golden mean idea, if the eye actually spent more time at the junction points then it did anywhere else

thanks for always presenting us with these ideas

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