Monday, March 29, 2010

A Lucky Pose

How do you get a goat to pose for his portrait?

It sure helps when some of the kids from the farm keep him interested with a few handfuls of grain. This is Lucky. He shares the stall with Billy, who you met last summer.


goat89 said...

HAHA! Interesting post Mr Gurney. I think most Goats need a distraction... like your clothing when they just chomp on it. ><

Tyler J said...

Nicely done, as always. What did you use for it? Marker and pencil? How long did it take to do?

I remember the post about Joy the Christmas donkey and how you had to draw her prancing pose from memory and use her anatomy as reference ( In this case, it looks like the helping hands kept Lucky pretty cooperative. Did you have to fudge anything to get the sketch?