Wednesday, March 10, 2010

World Beneath Slideshow

Tom Lopez of ZBS Productions created a full-length audio adaptation of Dinotopia: The World Beneath using actors, sound effects, and music by Tim Clark.

This excerpt takes you from the pirate’s roost at Black Fish Tavern to the entrance of the luminous caverns. It combines the audio track with a slide show, shot from the original artwork. The pictures start at 0:30.

If you want to hear the whole 2 hour plus production (great for long car trips or studio stints), you can get a 2 CD set at the Dinotopia Online Store, or you can purchase a download at the ZBS website.


Ray Lederer said...

That is so cool! More please!

Lozano said...

Thanks a lot for such a great trip :)

Justin M. said...

haha, I love these. Oh the suspense!!
I hope this doesn't sound insulting (because I don't mean it to be) but I love how you've retained (or reinvented) a childhood mindset for these works. I feel like a curious five year old again, reading your books under my covers with a flashlight, marveling at what I would get into as an adult and wondering if I would ever have the courage of the professor! Absolutely. Love. it.