Sunday, March 7, 2010

Flickr’s Season Wheel

Flickr has has come up with a clever way to show the changing colors of the year using a circle of color bands. The color streams widen and narrow as their distribution changes throughout the year.

The samplings come from thousands of photographs of the Boston Commons archived on the Flickr site.

Boston Magazine designer Heather Burke assembled this design combining the seasonal bands with a few source photos.
Flickr Flow
Thanks, Andy.


Steve said...

Cool. Reminds me of a beautiful marble.

Sara Light-Waller said...

That is VERY cool. As always thanks for the great information.

N'Der said...

Hum impressive, thank you.
It can be the 8th part of the color wheel ^^
Very important to choose the colors looking at the season.

goat89 said...

So cool! Thx for showing it to us! ><

jeffkunze said...

Wow that is really cool!

Unknown said...

Thank you for sharing!

Justin M. said...

Bizarre, but interesting none the less! I like how much movement is involved. Carries us through the seasons a little more gracefully than my own stilted perceptions, oh is it spring yet?!