Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Jims and Monkeys

The second guest of honor has been named to the upcoming Anthrocon convention in Pittsburgh, June 24-27. He's definitely a kindred spirit, and so are our sidekicks.

Jim Martin, puppet performer and builder, television director, writer and producer is very pleased to be asked to participate in 2010 Anthrocon. Jim's love for puppets began in a classroom a long time ago in second grade and continues today where he works mainly in television. His career spans many Children's TV shows from local shows in Pittsburgh to national shows like The Great Space Coaster (Gary Gnu, Baffle, M.T. Promises), The Puzzle Place (Ben and Blue Piece Police), and Bear In The Big Blue House. He is a five-time Emmy Award winning director for Sesame Street and was nominated last year as a producer and director for The Disney Channel's Johnny And The Sprites. Jim has traveled to Germany, Indonesia and Turkey to teach and audition puppeteers for Sesame Workshop.

More at Anthrocon's website
More about Jim Martin at his website, with a photo gallery of his puppets.


Eugen Caitaz said...

hihihi!!! Very Awesoome!!! :) Nice idea!

The fearless threader said...

My two great loves, puppets and monkey's

Frankie said...

Er, do you know what a furry is? Perhaps you should google the term. I just don't want you to get hit with a massive dose of culture shock.

(Hint: they're sexually attracted to drawings of anthropomorphic animals).

China Blue Rockett said...

Haha, this guy looks awesome! I love the photos, what a great pair. Should be a fun time this summer.

Unclekage said...

Pishposh, Frankie. That is a misconception that goes back to an overzealous Vanity Fair reporter in 1999. It's quite unfair to paint furries with such a broad (an undeserved) brush.

Frankie said...

I just didn't want Mr. Gurney to get there and be extremely uncomfortable with the amount of sexual perversion that goes on at furry conventions. I get the impression from his post that he believes "furrydom" is about being in tune with your animal nature or whatever it is that the Anthrocon FAQ says.

Not that it matters to me what another man faps to, you understand. As long as you guys limit your weird sex romps to fur suits and not real animals, you're A-OK in my book (unless your fur suits are made from real animals, then we might have to exchange words).

Man, if I had a shit ton of cash to blow, I'd totally come to Anthrocon just to see James Gurney. That would be a blast, Haha.

Hannah JS Davis said...

How unfortunate that I chose this year to end my Anthrocon dealings. I hope you have a great time!

James Gurney said...

Frankie--This will be my first time at a Furrie convention, and I've heard all kinds of stories, but I'll keep an open mind. I must say I've never dealt with more gracious or accommodating staff.

I'm really excited to be going because I made a lot of puppets and masks as a teenager, and I know the convention attracts some of the best animation artists and costume makers in the country.

And whatever else happens, I'll be your roving reporter, and don't worry--I've seen everything: I was an anthropology major at UC Berkeley!

Anonymous said...

@Frankie, that stereotype of furries is patently unfair. I've seen plenty of perverts at "regular" 'cons, some wearing outfits I'd rather my child not have seen. It's unfortunate that folks who like anthromorphs have been all lumped into one group. There are lots of respectable people who just like to read and draw funny animals. The costumed folk just have a fun hobby. So what?