Wednesday, December 22, 2010

How to Make a House Fly

Remember the little drawing I did a couple years ago of the science fiction museum in Switzerland taking off and flying? It's also on page 213 of Imaginative Realism.

Friends of Maison d'Ailleurs have made a video showing how it's done. It proves what's possible with a small budget and a big imagination.
Link to YouTube video
Maison d'Ailleurs, museum of science fiction and utopias in Yverdon, Switzerland
Imaginative Realism at Amazon
2008 GJ post on opening of Verne Museum and Dinotopia Exhibition


SuciƓ Sanchez said...

As you say, they did a lot but very simply.

Carolyn said...

Very cool. The book that you suggested for realistic painting of light and color in a previous blog is on its way! I am very excited to read it
Merry Christmas!

syldem said...

Excellent ! I like your poster of the flying Maison d'Ailleurs.

I'm a Friend of the Maison d'Ailleurs but never saw this movie. Thank's.
I have been asked for a poster this summer for a Movie Festival organised by the
same association. I realised a walking Maison d'Ailleurs based on the Howl's moving castle by Miyazaki

you can find it here ;-)