Thursday, December 23, 2010

Parka Blogs Contest

The art-book review blog Parka Blogs is asking readers to comment on their favorite art books of 2010.

I’m excited to know that Color and Light is in the running with splendid books like The Art of How to Train Your Dragon, Framed Ink, and Cover Run by Adam Hughes. On Parka Blogs, there are also reviews and video flip-throughs of most of these books.

Winners of the contest will receive a free gift of two books of their choice.
Parka Blogs Contest
On Amazon: The Art of How to Train Your Dragon
Framed Ink 
Cover Run
Art of Tangled
Art of Drew Struzan 
Icons by Jim Lee
Avatar the Last Airbender
Art of Uncharted 
Dofus 2.0 Artbook
Color and Light on Amazon internationally: USA | CA | UK | FR | DE | JP
Color and Light signed (and doodled in) by me, from the Dinotopia Store


Andrew Finnie said...

Hey I just received my colour and light book in the mail the other day. Great stuff, you have good brains :)

But seriously, I appreciate the meticulous and intelligent way you worked through the subject. It's all very 'enlightening.'

It's the kind of book that's worth sitting down with a note book next to you for jotting down the gems.

Merry Chrissie

syldem said...

I received mine yesterday and it's a definitely fabulous book. Thousand's thank's to you Mr. Gurney

caddisman said...

No contest. Your book is the winner. The others are very specialized in their content, while yours actually helps one to observe the elements of color and light, and it promotes drawing and painting from life and imagination.

In my mind, yours is a much more valuable publication to both the aspiring artist, and the seasoned professional.


Roberto said...

My wife presented me with your ‘Color and Light’ book for Christmas! It is absolutely gorgeous! The wide range of information is laid out in an easy-reading format that lets you read a page or two at random, or from cover to cover (as I look forward to doing as soon as possible!). Your writing style is easy, clear, and informative; and the many photos of your palettes and taboret set-ups are a real treat. But most of all I LOVE your paintings, illustrations, and sketches!! You are really an inspiration and a great teacher!
Your body of work is so varied and voluminous that it raises a question that you might address in a future blog:
How do you store your many finished paintings so that they don’t get damaged, and so that you can find them as needed?
Thanx again for your hard work and enthusiasm. -RQ

Bill Nagel said...

I received my Color and Light book for Christmas and I can't put it down. Thank you for creating such a great book.