Friday, December 31, 2010

Jewcy's Top Ten

I’m grateful to Margarita Korol of the news and culture website for picking “Color and Light” as one of the top ten art books of 2010.

“It is college. From James Gurney, whose Imaginative Realism fed the hungry brains of fantasy artists internationally, this new book is recession-friendly real world wisdom and poised to become a classic guidebook for the century. If you’ve felt like a failed artist all year, starting twenty eleven well-trained will get you on the right track.”

Jewcy's Top Ten Art Books
Also, thanks to John Fleskes and to Greg Newbold ("Santa Brought Art Books") for pluggin' the tome.
Color and Light on Amazon internationally: USA | CA | UK | FR | DE | JP
Color and Light signed (and doodled in) by me, from the Dinotopia Store

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Marc said...

I'm glad you are getting some recognition. I bought your Color and Light book as a gift to myself this Christmas. It is fantastic. I sure wish I had this book back in my Art Center days!