Saturday, December 18, 2010

Painting a Plane

If you thought painting a canvas or a mural was a big job, how about painting a jet? This time-lapse video shows all the prepping, spraying and frisketing involved.

It takes more than 50 gallons of paint to cover a commercial jet, and that layer adds about 400 pounds to the weight.

Some airlines have chosen a brushed aluminum finish to save on the weight and increase efficiency.
Direct link to the Virgin Atlantic video.
A different time lapse video, painting a Delta jet using cherry pickers instead of scaffolding.
Via Best of YouTube


David Still said...

It looks lite they are painting on the windows in the end!

T Arthur Smith said...

I wonder how often the workers snicker at the word Virgin, scrawled all over the plane.

SuciƓ Sanchez said...

That was great. Do you have a video of the painting of the Forth Bridge?

Roberto said...

WOW! I've painted some pretty big things in my day, but never a jet airplane!
I've been unpacking my art-library lately, and I just came across 'The Art of Peter Max' (remember him?); and on pages 182-3 is a Continental Airlines Boing 777 wide-body jet he painted for the NYC 2000 celebration. Talk about a big canvas! -RQ

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Unknown said...

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