Thursday, December 9, 2010

Mathematical Doodling

Knot theory meets notebook doodling in this video.

The rapid-fire commentary explains the geometric logic while bemoaning the cluelessness of most contemporary math teaching. The pace of the presentation proves how fast we can digest new information if visuals and words are paired.

"Professional Doodling" via Best of YouTube


Steve said...

The creator of this amazing clip is Vi Hart. Her website has many more such treats. She is the daughter of a creative math teacher and sculptor, George Hart, who also has good things to see at his website. Would that more of our educators had their playfulness and humor.

My Pen Name said...

amazing. I always find that celtic/ancient saxon elaborate twists and turns hard to produce, my brain just 'give up' all the sudden a few minutes (albiet at high speed :) ) of simple rules and makes sense.