Monday, January 3, 2011

Britain Audio, Part 1

In 1985, my wife Jeanette and I visited Great Britain for the first time. We left our camera at home, and instead brought only a sketchbook and an audio tape recorder. We traveled by bus and train, recording interviews and sound effects.

  02 England Track 1 by James Gurney
 This is the first of three audio installments, which you can listen to by clicking on this Soundcloud player widget. It may take a few seconds to get started.

The drawing above is by a seven-year-old Welsh boy named John Lewis. He copied the sketch I did in a museum in Cambridge a few days earlier. You'll hear his sisters in the recording. Their family ran a B&B on the Tyddyn Perthi farm in Gwynned near Caernarfon.

If this technology works, and you like it, I’ll launch the other two installments tomorrow and the next day. 
You can go directly to the track at Soundcloud at this link.


Micah said...

Awesome! I love the concept. I sat back and could envision the countryside and the people there. Keep it up!

Tyler J said...

I really enjoyed it. There is something more intimate about it to me, not sure exactly why. It also reminds me of listening to The Firesign Theatre when I was a kid. An entire world experienced only through sound. Very vivid.

Thanks for sharing it.

Erik Bongers said...

Very nice. How was this recorded in stereo? ...Or was it edited in stereo?

Christian Schlierkamp said...

Like it very much! A great way to go on this Gurney-Journey! I love the drawing. Would be interesting to see wether the boy stuck with drawing (and what he's doing today)! Please keep it up!

David Glenn said...

You're in England? Cool! So many good places to see.

Unknown said...

Thank you for posting this! I can't wait for the next two. Hearing everyone's voices and the various sounds really made the country come alive.

Sean said...

As Tyler J said above, it is amazing how vivid sound can be. Great montage, please continue! I especially liked hearing the kids' voices and the sounds of the farm.

James Gurney said...

Glad you all like it. And you've got good ears, Erik. When I was an art student, I splurged on a Sony professional Walkman, which recorded in stereo, and I also got an analog line mixer, which made the mix possible. So this edit was done a long time ago.

More to come!