Monday, January 24, 2011


Damian Johnson reworked this photo of me shooting a maquette to show the “Real Gurney Method.”

The original photo, along with the story of the making of the Tylosaurus painting, is covered in the upcoming February/March issue of International Artist.
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International Artist magazine
Thanks, Damian!


Matthew Gauvin said...

LOL, that's awesome!

David Glenn said...

Is it called Dog-a-saurus because there's a dog in what will be the Tylosaurus head? And is it possible for the painting of Tylosaurus to end up in Dinotopia?

Erik Bongers said...

[insert here, abbreviations that express laughter]

Anonymous said...

How very Rockwellian!

J M said...

Yes, you seem to have been caught in the act of shooting it. Shooting with a gun I mean. :-)