Thursday, January 27, 2011

Homemade and Mail Order

This stove and chair, sketched at a history museum in Fairplay, Colorado, suggest that the family sent away for the cast iron stove, and made the chair themselves out of planks of wood.
South Park City museum in Fairplay, a restored 1880s mining town.


zoe said...

Hmmm...maybe that explains why the stove I built out of wood burned down? And the cast iron chairs I sent away for are pretty uncomfortable.

My Pen Name said...

Sears used to have mail-order houses.

Petr Mores said...

What a delicate drawing! I wonder how you cope with on-lookers in places like museums? The only thing I learned is to avoid the eye contact, but I find it hard with children. :)

Also, what I find interesting in many of your pencil drawings is that you break the "rule" that pencil (as a sketching tool) is not suitable for full tonal work. I guess you are probably using more pencil grades in one drawing, because adding dark accents with a relatively hard pencil (say 2B) by sheer pressure is hard to control. Or maybe I should practice more! Anyway, a lovely work!

Ray Lederer said...
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Ray Lederer said...

One of the most beautiful areas in the country as far as my wife and I are concerned:)