Friday, January 21, 2011

Dinotopia Originals at Brafa Festival

Two original oil paintings from Dinotopia will be offered for sale at the Brafa art festival in Belgium, which officially begins today, January 21st and will be on show until January 30th.

The paintings include “Arthur and Telescope,” the illustration on page 1 of Dinotopia: Journey to Chandara (2007), and “Imperial Palace,” which appears both on page 132 of Chandara and page 154 of Imaginative Realism.

The paintings will be on view at booth 115, the Daniel Maghen Gallery, which has a select assortment of fantasy and comic art from Europe and America. For more information contact Olivier Souille at Galerie Daniel Maghen at info (at)
Galerie Daniel Maghen 
Brafa Festival


Nick said...

I'd love to see your paintings in person one day!
I've been reading Hale's 'Lessons from the Great Masters' recently, and I was wondering how you manage to capture form so well and draw in the cast shadows (like on Bix), something he says a lot of artists tend to leave out due to ruining the illusion of geometric shapes.
Do you find that this isn't the case a lot of the time, or do you have to exaggerate suggestive contour lines to make up for what the cast shadows may potentially detract from?

James Gurney said...

Nick, thanks, and that's a good observation. I often overlook cast shadows when I invent forms, but they're key for convincing form. And when you cast a vertical linear shadow over a form, the shadow can often reveal the form as a cross-section would (If you follow me).

I find making maquettes and having people pose suggests all sorts of possibilities with cast shadows.

Nick said...

Thanks for the reply James. I recall a plein air you did where some trees' cast shadows defined a hilly ground plane, so I can certainly see why it helps to know cast shadows. I'll look out for this from now on. :)