Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Britain Audio, Part 2: Paul LaMarque

The second installment of our 1985 audio tour of Great Britain begins with street sounds of London, after which we hear a boys’ choir practicing in York cathedral.

  Britain 1985, Part 2: Paul La Marque by James Gurney
Click on this Soundcloud player to hear the audio.

You’ll hear the voice of Paul LaMarque, weekend manager of the Saint Margaret’s Hotel in London. As I recorded his jokes and stories, I sketched this pencil portrait, so it's a rare chance to have a sketch "talk."

Mr. La Marque wrote in my sketchbook, describing himself: “Mentally a vacuum, physically a waste of skin, socially riff-raff, nevertheless ‘given from God.’”
If the player doesn't work, try the direct link to Soundcloud File
Scroll down for part 1. Tomorrow we’ll finish with part 3.


Tom Hart said...

These posts are great, James! Can you say a little about your sketching process back then: e.g. what size sketchbook; all pencil? What techniques have you added, changed, or dropped since then?

Thanks for the great ride, as always!

James Gurney said...

Hey, Tom, this sketch (and all the sketches in the Britain book) are good old basic #2 graphite pencils. They're about seven inches square, hardcover sketchbooks. I brought a few hardnesses, maybe a 4B, 2B, and HB, with a bit of smudging and kneaded eraser.

The sketch that I'll show tomorrow uses kind of a Kautzky/ Watson chisel technique, so stay tuned!

Super Villain said...

i'm trying to turn over a new kinder leaf in 2011 so i wont comment on those jokes and stories, haha!

but i will say i found this site
and it has a ton of the old radio programs, some really great horror, suspence and thriller short story dramas, really well written and acted and directed, such a great blast from the past.

these are incredibly enjoyable to paint or make art to, in fact i would say they have really helped my concentration and enjoyment while painting.

my suggestions are the shows Lights Out, Suspence, and Escape! (try to find Three Skeleton Key, pure Vincent Price GENIUS!)

also hopeing to find my color and light book at my door step tonight!

James Gurney said...

Thanks, Super V. I know, it's pretty obvious that I didn't get most of his jokes until he explained them. But my lame excuse was that I was using most of my laser-like powers of concentration on the portrait.

I agree with you about the old radio shows. They're great to paint by. I have the Walter Cronkite collection, which has 3 skeleton key and my favorite, the Hitchhiker.

I also recommend Ruby and Jack Flanders from ZBS Productions (ZBS.org).

Anonymous said...

Hey Mr. Gurney. Just wanted to take a moment to thank you for all the work you put into your blog. It really is an inspiration in so many ways. It's amazing that you even take time (with all that you're accomplishing) to answer comments and questions on top of your posting. It's that kind of generosity (on top of great art and information:) that inspires me to buy your books and tell everyone about them:) Thanks for taking us in and letting us be part of your world:) It's been a fun ride.

Abrown said...

SuperVillain: There is plenty of old time radio at archive.org. I recommend cbs radio mystery theater. I agree with your opinion of "Three Skeleton Key."

James Gurney said...

J. S. You're welcome, and really, it's fun for me. I made these audio tapes 25 years ago, just to send around the sounds on cassette tapes to 5 or 6 friends. So it's a kick for me to share them more widely. I've got a ton more stuff, especially art talk and readings, but I would have to digitize them.

Thanks for spreading the word about the books. That's really what funds all this play.

eugubino said...

Fantastic sketch! how long did you needand was it fixed afterwards??
Respects P.Howlett

John Fleck said...

Love these posts with the audio (I finally got around to listening to them).

More like this would be most welcome!