Friday, April 8, 2011

Cambridge Music/Sketch Event this Sunday

I’ll be in Boston this weekend, and I invite you to join me for an impromptu sketch gathering.

The event is an Irish music concert at Club Passim, the little folk music venue in Harvard Square, Cambridge, Massachusetts where Joan Baez, Bob Dylan, and Joni Mitchell have performed.

The performers this Sunday will be my son Dan Gurney on accordion, along with  Isaac Alderson (flute), Dylan Foley (fiddle), Sean Earnest (guitar), and Bridget Fitzgerald (song). They're all completely used to being sketched by people in the audience.

The concert will be webcast via ConcertWindow, so if you can’t make it, you can watch and listen for free on your computer. I’ll post my sketch at the end of the concert on this blog, so you can see the results.

Dan is planning a return trip to Ireland this summer to record a CD of traditional music, and he’s inviting sponsors via a Kickstarter page. If you click over to that link, there's a video where he describes his plans and tells you what you'll get in exchange for sponsorship.

Bring a sketchbook and I’ll see you there. It will be a great evening of sketching and listening.

CONCERT DETAILS: Sunday 4/10 at 4:30pm. $12/10 admission
Club Passim (Veggie Planet)
47 Palmer Street
Cambridge, MA 02138

Wikipedia on Club Passim


jere7my said...

Congratulations to Dan! Club Passim is a great venue. Allow me to recommend their Blonde on Blonde pizza.

Kendall said...

Oh Cambridge, one of my favorite places in the world! While you're there, I highly recommend going across the street from Club Passim to the Border Cafe--their pastelitos will change your life!