Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Epic Landscapes

A lot of magazines have been shrinking in size lately, such as the New York Times magazine and Rolling Stone. Even my phone book is tinier than ever.

But one magazine, ImagineFX, just got three centimeters taller. And just in time. The topic of issue #69 is Epic Landscapes, with a gorgeous feature on matte painter and concept artist Dylan Cole. The magazine comes with a big poster insert and a DVD, too.

The painting at left is an early visualization Dylan did as concept art supervisor for Avatar.

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Mr. Digger said...

I love this magazine, to bad it's so damn expensive in the states. I had to give up my subscription (been a subscriber since almost the beginning) this year as with my wife and I both working two jobs, it's hard to justify almost $200 for a 12 issue magazine subscription.