Sunday, April 10, 2011

Club Passim Gig

 We had a nice turnout for Dan Gurney's traditional Irish concert at Club Passim, which was broadcast on Concert Window two hours ago.

And there were sketchers! Nice to meet you, Chris, Natalya, and Emily. Emily drew the band as a foursome of dinosaurs.

Here are my little portraits of the band--
Sean Earnest (guitar), Dylan Foley (fiddle), Isaac Alderson (flute and uilleann pipes), and Dan Gurney (accordion).
P.S. Thanks, Boris Vallejo and Julie Bell for your nice review of Color and Light on your wonderful blog Paint and Brush!


Mark Segal said...

Cool cool

But how come your sketch says April 10, 2001


Emily Willoughby said...

Wow, thanks for posting my drawing here! It was great to meet you and listen to the music, they're quite talented.

James Gurney said...

Mark--yes, oops! My pen got ahead of my brain.

Alta Whitlock said...

Thank you for the concert I really enjoyed seeing your son playing live.

Chris Goodwin said...

I had a wonderful time; those are some talented guys! Toe-tappin'

And a delightful surprise to see the sketch, ha! I'm honored.