Saturday, April 16, 2011


There's a name for them: mimetoliths. They're rock formations that look like faces or other living things.

The Grey Man of Merrick sits at the base of Merrick mountain in Scotland's Galloway Forest Park.
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 Thanks, Darren R.


Scorchfield said...

We have the Sphinx, in the large mountain of Bucegi, in high altitudine, about 6500 feet!

poggy said...

I raise you mount Circeo, a promontory about 100 km south of Rome, where the legend says Ulysses met Circe:

Unknown said...

If you have ever been to Goblin Valley in Utah, you'll imagine all kinds of faces and creatures. Very cool. Here's one I found: and another:

Unknown said...

My team and I have been documenting Mimetoliths in Va similar to those found in Markawasi, Peru. They have not been made public yet. Please contact me at for more details. Thank you