Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Bansemer Day

Yesterday we hung out with Roger and Sarah Bansemer, who produce a TV show on painting. I've corresponded with Roger for about 20 years, so it was nice to meet him.

The Bansemers travel all over America in a Chinook camper van. They have produced over 40 TV programs so far, and their shows are available now on more than 100 PBS channels.

We went to a Hudson River estate and Roger set up four video cameras to peer over our shoulders as we both painted and talked. We had to stop working when a thunderstorm rolled in and we were nearly struck by lightning. One of the white umbrellas lifted off its stand and flew ten feet up in the sky. I don’t think any of the cameras caught that on video.

To show you what good people the Bansemers are, they travel with a dog named Silver that they rescued from the homeless animal shelter. Silver is completely blind and deaf and can’t walk. We had to carry him around and cup our hands to give him water because it was a hot day.

While we were waiting around to get started, I drew a portrait of Silver. I admire the way old dogs bear their suffering with patience and nobility.

Painting and Travel with Roger and Sarah (with sample TV show)
Bansemer's Book of the Southern Shores
At Water's Edge: The Birds of Florida
Mountains in the Mist: Impressions of the Great Smokies


My Pen Name said...

is that the vanderbilt mansion? If so a nice Bogereou in there.

JonInFrance said...

Roger and Sarah sure come over as wondeful folk on the videos - which I've always loved

Unknown said...

Wish I could see some of those videos here in Europe... I love this dog and the way those people care for him! Every time I see an old dog, I find it as touching as seeing an old person, they remind us what it means to be human:) Greetings from Paris,

Unknown said...

PS: your portraits are beautiful ! They capture the essence so well...