Sunday, August 21, 2011

Your mother was right,

The sensors in your eye that respond to dim levels of illumination are called the rods, and they depend on an extremely light-sensitive chemical called rhodopsin, which contains Vitamin A.

This vitamin is found in strong quantities in sweet potatoes,  spinach, fruit, and yes, carrots. Eat those carrots! They really do help your vision.

Quiringh Gerritsz van Brekelenheim (b. Dutch, 1622 -1669) Vegetable Stall,1656. Image from Food in the Arts


Melinda said...

Granted, it would take a LOT of carrots to get that far...

Jason Peck said...

I love baby carrots! I eat them like candy.

Unknown said...

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Lyndon said... looks pretty thorough on this - seems we're talking about deficiency causing problems rather than eating lots causing improvements.

But I think the story (in the link) about why the idea got currency is cool enough to deserve wide distribution.