Sunday, August 28, 2011

Twenty Top TED Talks

For those riding out Irene, looking for something fun to watch, here’s a list of “20 Amazing TED Talks for Art Majors,” courtesy of Best Colleges Online.

To which I would add the TED talks of
Scott McCloud on Comics
and David Macauley on Rome

20 Amazing TED Talks for Art Majors


Tim Fitzgerald said...

We here on OakIsland North Carolina received our beating from Irene Friday and till noon today. We are more familiar with hurricanes living at the end of the Cape Fear and just hunker down and in my case paint and watch the weather reports. We did OK with only minimal damage. Hurricane force winds only occasionally with mostly tropical storm force winds. The town government closes our bridge off the island when winds reach 45 mph., so we are on our own.
Hope everything up your way turns out OK for you and yours. TimFitzgerald

Anonymous said...

TED on art is underwhelming, sophistic, and vain. Perfect for an art major.

JonInFrance said...

This one's fun! - made me laugh a lot! ( via Sandra Flood's blog)

armandcabrera said...

Not my definition of art at all.
They should have James Gurney, Iain McCaig Syd Mead and Craig Mullins or for the more gallery oriented people Clyde Aspevig, Joseph Paquet and Tim Allen Lawson.

My Pen Name said...

OK, am I the only one who finds the TED talks smug, shallow and reeking of the corruption of the 'elite' or at least the kleptocratic elite?

Mike Lynch Photography said...

McCaulay Link:

James Gurney said...

Thanks, Mike. Hopefully the link is working correctly now.

Ceridwen Taliesin said...

I've watched several TED Talks lectures and there wasn't one that was bad. Actually they were mostly inspiring and thought-provoking, like those by Eve Ensler, Sarah Kaminsky, Sheryl Sandberg and Tim Harford.

Thanks for the Scott McCloud link, James! I loved his lecture and as I want to do comics, it gave me some ideas. I'll be sure to check the other ones. :)