Thursday, August 18, 2011

New Yorker Blog Post

The New Yorker official blog has just shared the results of our "Unfinished Cover Contest," along with an article that tells the story of how it came to be:

James Gurney, an author, illustrator, and creator of Dinotopia, from Rhinebeck, New York, saw the blank space on George Booth’s July 4, 2011, cover and felt inspired. “I’m a fan of Booth and have always loved his drawings, but for an artist, a patch of white paper is like a red flag to a bull,” Gurney told me by phone. To the left of the dog peering out a window at a canopy of American flags, Gurney drew a second window, this one with a cat hanging from the sill. 
Doctoring magazine covers is a hobby of sorts for Gurney. “When a magazine lands on the breakfast table, I reach for the Sharpies—lots of mustaches on Mona Lisas in the house,” he said. Gurney suspected that he wasn’t the only person who did this, so, in the spirit of the Cartoon Caption Contest, Gurney decided to launch the “unfinished-cover contest,” encouraging other artists to submit their scrawls. “Five minutes after I put up the call, I started to get responses,” Gurney said. “Think of the possibilities: you could run more half-finished covers or you could run art reviews that are half-finished. I, for one, would be happy to finish columns for Peter Schjeldahl.” 
“I don’t get it,” Schjeldahl responded. “What self-respecting writers or artists wouldn’t hate the idea of anybody messing with their work? I sure do.”

Read the rest of the article.
Thanks Emily Kan

New Yorker Cover Story: "More than Mona Lisa Mustaches" by Emily Kan
Finalists of the contest.


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