Monday, August 15, 2011

Painting Analysis

Scott McDaniel has done a very thorough analysis of the color and composition of one of my paintings, “Flights of Fancy,” including a gamut map of the color scheme.

It’s interesting for me to read such a post-mortem. I don’t recall thinking consciously about all these things at the time.

I recall playing lots of music and just thinking of the feeling of flying. But his analysis makes sense. I think a lot of things that we think about consciously when we're looking at paintings become unconscious (hopefully) when we're actually in the act of painting. The mind works in strange ways. 

"Ideas Made of Light" by Scott McDaniel
Thanks, Scott!


Bil Hardenberger said...

"I don’t recall thinking consciously about all these things at the time."

I think you have to let intuition and instinct guide you when creating a painting.. if you think too much about this stuff I doubt your work would be as sucessful.

Interesting nonetheless.

Anonymous said...

When you know what you're doing, you don't have to think about some things as much. They become instinct.

Scott McD. said...

Hi James - Thanks for posting the link!

I don't tend to think about most things like this consciously when I'm working, though I'll sometimes have a specific thing I want to experience like softening edges, etc. I figure it all settles into intuition after a while.