Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Bill Watterson’s College Comics

Online College Courses has assembled a list of top ten college comic strips:

 “What did Bill Watterson do before creating the beloved Calvin and Hobbes? He drew cartoons for his college newspaper, of course. As a student at Kenyon College, his work appeared in The Kenyon Collegian, revealing a well defined style even in his early years as a comic. Be sure to check out the collection of his college work and enjoy a slice of 70′s American college life.”
More samples of Watterson’s college work at Comics Alliance
Online College’s list of Top Ten College Comics


SE said...

Ah hah! Thanks for showing us this gem. As a kid, Calvin and Hobbes is what got me interested in reading and playing with imagination.

Kaos said...

This is awesome. Watterson is an interesting character on his own, so this is a really nice new/old perspective on him and his work.

By the way, check out this little thing here (no, sadly it has nothing o do with Watterson, but it's interesting too): http://monsterbrains.blogspot.com/2011/10/hildebrandt-brothers.html

John Stone said...

Awesome find. I never knew about this work. Thanks!