Saturday, October 15, 2011

Cotswold Ram Lamb

 Here's a Cotswold ram lamb named Jasper, sketched today in watercolor at the New York State Sheep and Wool Festival.

The festival continues through tomorrow in Rhinebeck, New York, with shearing and spinning demonstrations, sheepdog trials, livestock auctions, Ravelry meet-ups, and lots and lots of yarn for sale.


PatriciaG said...

Hey! I was there today with my friend Benedicte.
I pre-posted an anticipatory blog post yesterday.

We would have loved to see you doing your lovely drawing/painting in action. Oh well.

Shamus said...

Hi James, this is such a lovely and fresh illustration!

I was wondering, how much the underdrawing resembles the finished painting. Do you use it as a strict guide, or do you kind of reinvent the subject in watercolor as you paint?

James Gurney said...

Sorry to miss you, Patricia. I was way out in the last barn.

Thanks, Shamus. My initial drawing is usually very simple, just something to establish the main proportions, and then I "draw it in the paint."