Sunday, October 9, 2011


Here's a portrait sketch of Jacques Louis David, a bladesmith who works with Tony Swatton of The Sword and the Stone. 

Swatton makes swords, weapons and armor for movies, pop stars, and re-enactors. He made the steampunk goggles that I borrowed for the new profile picture.

Tonight he's going to rework my pencil box (formerly the Mac iBox) to make it look Dinotopian.

We're at the Mission Inn in Riverside, California, where about thirty artists are gathering for the Baby Tattooville Fifth anniversary celebration.

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Aaron said...

very cool, I have been saying for the past year or two, that the sci-fi steampunk genre was going to grow huge as more and more books and movies delve back to that more Victorian age, (Gilded age for us yankees lol.)

David Teter said...

Another great little wc portrait james.
I'll bet he has fun making all that stuff.
Can't wait to see the re-worked Mac iBox

T. Arispe said...

Sounds like an awesome guy. I'm sure your pencil box will look amazing once he's done with it.

Jacques L David said...

Niiiiiiiice!!! So awesome, It was o great meeting you and Janette (sp). I am stoked that I finally found you here and I look forward bringing your pics into the three "D" world!!!

Jacques L David said...

When are we gonna see that imac box, there, James?

James Gurney said...

Jacques, I've put bleach on it and will try the bronzing tomorrow. After aging it a bit, I'll show how it looks.