Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Korpus and other small L.A. art schools

In addition to LAAFA, which I mentioned yesterday, another dynamic young art school in southern California is Korpus School of Art, founded last July by Rebecca Kimmel. I gave two lectures there last week.

The Korpus School of Art is a small traditional atelier, occupying a single room on the third floor of a beautifully refurbished industrial building in the arts district of downtown LA.

Rebecca admires the Russian and Chinese academic figure artists, and she has a special appreciation for the old master draftsmen, especially Rubens and Pontormo.

Her school is a great place to learn how to draw the figure, either with uninstructed figure sessions or with regular classes, where you can learn the skeleton, the muscles, and the rich tradition of figurative work.

I’ve had the privilege of visiting other small ateliers that have popped up in southern California in recent years to meet the demand for training in traditional skills of drawing and painting.

One is 3Kicks Studios in Pasadena, led by Charles Hu, himself a master of figure drawing and anatomy. 3Kicks hosts a variety of instructors and classes, including Gary Meyer, Glenn Orbik, and Richard Morris.

Another is the Watts Atelier in Encinitas, California (between LA and San Diego). Jeff Watts has a small space but a big reputation for training some of today’s top painters. He has created a friendly but disciplined atmosphere, and he brings a painterly approach to figure work inspired by Fechin, Sorolla, and Frazetta.

Though I haven’t visited them all, and can’t hope to review any of them comprehensively, there are several other excellent small schools in the Los Angeles area, such as Atelier Marchant, Concept Design Academy, Gnomon School of Visual Effects, and Red Engine School.

A student deciding which way to go with their art education, should consider whether you want an accredited degree program (often necessary if you want to teach at a university later) or whether you want to select only the classes you need to build your skills. Most art jobs look at the portfolio more than the transcript.

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Pancho said...

really amazing. a lot of good art schools there, I wanna know more about all.

Andy Balmet said...

Nice Shrunkenheadman shirt Jim!

T. Arispe said...

I would have liked to go to your Korpus lecture as well, but circumstances prevented me from doing so. Ah well. Korpus also seems like a great school, though. It's amazing how many art schools L.A. has that people just don't know about.

Nikki Lukas Longfish said...

Yay Shrunkenheadman shirt!

Katie said...

Hey James, come visit us at Pratt!

Rebecca Kimmel said...

Thank you for the nice profile of Korpus!

John Kaay said...

Thanks James, Now how about doing the same for us folks in northern California?
John Kaay

Unknown said...

but when it really comes down to it, just go to Art Center

Johan said...

I learned a lot from Rebecca Kimmel back in the days when she was an online teacher at cgtalk. Her teaching left a long lasting impression on me, and I'm grateful to her for that.

If I lived in L.A., I'd be going to Korpus for sure!