Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Color and Light Article

The brand new issue of American Artist's "Plein Air Painting" magazine has a 10 page feature that I wrote for them called "Color and Light in the Landscape."

It opens with this thought: "When you paint outdoors, the color you mix on your palette is almost never the same as the local color -- the actual surface coloration of a given object. The color must be adjusted -- but how and why?"

The article covers atmospheric perspective, the Yurmby wheel, warm and cool colors, limited palettes, and premixing. It reproduces several images for the first time, including a demo of the gamut masking method that I painted especially for the article.

This is the article you want to stick in your suitcase when you head off on a plein air painting junket.
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Also, look for my "Portable Portraits" article is also in American Artist's Watercolor Painting special issue
We've got copies in stock of Color and Light (Most retailers are sold out again).
Finally: Odd Nerdrum beat out T. Hee in the Unusual Artist Name contest, 76 votes to 74.


Jim Rownd said...

Your Book, Color and light. I couldn't find the blog about it,so I'm posting here. THANK YOU!!! I've been an Illustrator for twenty years ( mostly self taught). I have forgot the reasons why I paint the way I do or just never knew. This book is great! I just ordered your first one. Again…thanks!

James Gurney said...

Thanks, Jim, I'm so glad you got so much out of it! I appreciate your support.