Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Bullseye Interview

BoingBoing's Mark Frauenfelder did an interview with Jesse Thorn on the podcast Bullseye. He describes the Zeo sleep manager, which gives you a read-out on your past night's sleep (I need one!).

And he also recommends GurneyJourney (around the 4:00 mark).

Here are the links to the posts he refers to:
Macro Photos of the Human Eye
Building reference models of dinosaurs
Video of Sketching a Donkey
Portrait of Jehovah's Witnesses
Direct link to interview
Thanks, Mark -- and Heather for telling me about it.


Janet Oliver said...

What a great interview! I would love to monitor my sleep in this way, but I have a dumb phone. And what a wonderful assessment of your blog, James. It IS a fantastic resource. I may not comment every day, but I do read it every day.

jeffkunze said...

I think it would be really cool/fun to have the info on how you're sleeping but I don't really know how it would be beneficial at all. You wouldn't be able to make a formula like "well I generally seem to only need 6 hours and 20 mins of sleep a night" because some days you would need more and some less depending on your days activities.