Saturday, March 24, 2012


The Forevertron is a scrap metal sculpture in Wisconsin made in the 1980s by Tom Every. It's one of the largest found-object sculptures in the world. 

Mr. Every collected unusual castoffs for decades to incorporate into his magnum opus, including Thomas Edison dynamos, lightning rods, power plant components, scrap from an ammunition plant, and the decontamination chamber from the Apollo 11 spacecraft.
The backstory is that a Victorian scientist named Dr. Evermor built the Forevertron to "launch himself into the heavens on a magnetic lightning force beam." 
Thanks, Tim Fehr.


Michael said...

I love this! I too would like to launch myself into the heavens on a magnetic lightning force beam. : )

Tyler J said...

What a great sculpture. Like a Steam-Punk Orrery.

T. Arispe said...

Oh wow, that thing looks awesome. Thanks for sharing! One could probably spend hours just looking at all of the parts that make it up.

Rob Fullmer said...

Oh, now I feel bad. I live only half-hour from this and must've driven by the spot hundreds of times and never knew that was there! He's got a couple of sculptures by the road, but obviously nothing nearly as cool as what's just beyond the trees!