Saturday, March 10, 2012

Color and Light in Japanese

Following their publication of Imaginative Realism, Japanese publisher Born Digital has just released Color and Light: A Guide for the Realist Painter.

From the dust jacket: "アメリカを代表する現代イラストレーターの一人であり、博識で知られるジェームス・ガーニーが、自身のアート制作の経験と知識を分かりやすく語る「A Guide for the Realist Painter:リアリズム絵画の手引き」シリーズ VOLUME 2"
Color and Light in Japanese on
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Born Digital / Imaginative Realism with sample pages in Japanese.
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Maria Arnt said...

I'm a bit surprised at the Japanese title for this book... It's basically a japanification of the English words, which would be "Kara to raito" in roman letters. I would have thought it would be "iro to hikari," which is an actual translation. The characters for color and light are used in the subtitle though.

Dash Courageous said...

How well does the text translate, because you may have word substitutions happening in japanese.

Maria Arnt said...

Well The Japanese tend to think "English" words like these are hip and cool, and thanks to the education system pretty much everyone knows a little English, so I'm sure it would get the message across easily. I'm just a little surprised the translators chose that route. It makes me think they are perhaps gearing the book to a younger, hip audience in Japan.