Sunday, March 11, 2012

Moebius Redux

(Video link) The BBC has produced this excellent documentary on the life and art of Jean Giraud (Moebius), who died yesterday. The production continues in Part 2, Part 3.

Thanks, BBC and Anonymous.


Wietse Hoeksel said...

Oh my god.... Im not easily moved when someone famous dies.
But this realy got to me. Jean Giraud/Moebius was such a huge influence. He did all kinds of styles, with such grace.

Tomas Honz said...

Thank you James for bringing this up. I must admit that until know, I was not familiar with all the work he has done. But it's about time to fix it.

Humza Khan said...

Thank you for posting this

Mike Lynch Photography said...

Man Oh Man!
I LOVE his art.

And I still have those early issues of Heavy Metal I bought back in the '70s. A small treasure now!

He inspired me to pen a short series of my own comics, (but I've never circulated them - they weren't anywhere near his skill.)

Thanks or the link James.

Mike Lynch Photography said...
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