Friday, June 15, 2012


jeff jordan said...

Best wishes for Le Mans! Dan Gurney has always been a hero.

I saw a t-shirt in the video, something like "The greatest pleasure in life is doing what people say you cannot do." That's pretty much my personal mantra. Are those shirts available for purchase?

en_b said...

Such an awesome Friday Fun Fact that your cousin is involved with one of the most exciting and cutting edge things on the planet- auto racing!
What a talented family, would love to hear about what kind of stuff you two got into as kids.

James Gurney said...

En B -- When I was a kid, Dan Gurney gave me a model car (with working headlights), and his signature on it saying "To Jim, Drive this car carefully." It was the first thing I ever had signed by a famous person, and I cherished it. My dad was roughly Dan's age when they both were kids, and they used to race tricycles. You can guess who won every time! What the whole family shares (my sons included) is the engineer gene or temperament, wanting to come up with some completely new idea and try to make it work.

Jeff, I wish I had one of those shirt, too! I don't know where you can get them.

Jeff Fennel said...

Wow Jim - so cool! I never knew there was a connection between you and Dan Gurney! Growing up I was part of some kind of Dan Gurney Racing Team fan I recall the coolest thing was collecting racing stickers and putting them in a special binder. Pretty sure that is what steered me toward graphic design.

Anyway, great story and I wish the team great success!


Sajib OO said...

Batman Would have been proud.