Friday, June 8, 2012

Henrietta and Her Babies

Meet Henrietta, the mother hen on the farm near us. A few days ago, her clutch of eggs hatched into six pale yellow chicks and one brown one. 

She lets them explore around the barn floor and the farmyard. When they’re tired, she fluffs out, settles down and makes a tent out of her feathers. One by one the chicks crawl underneath her and disappear from view.

I sketched her from life with just three of the chicks visible (one is poking his head out the front).

(Link to video) This little video shows how she does it. That’s Booster the Rooster making announcements.


Anonymous said...

This post made my Friday morning so much better.

Elizabeth Rose Stanton said...


K_tigress said...

I really miss my own hens we use to have when I was little. Geez I wish I still have a small coop of chickens.

Vladimir Venkov said...

Hi James. I love your posts. They are breath of fresh air in our modern cyber-technological times.

Laura said...

Awesome! :D We have a broody mother too! She doesn't have any baby chicks though but is insistent on sitting on our faux eggs all day instead. Neat picture!