Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Demo Day at IMC

Yesterday the students were in full swing on their paintings at Illustration Master Class, the week-long workshop for fantasy art in Amherst, Massachusetts.

In between giving lectures and circulating to give personal feedback, the instructors demonstrated painting techniques. Greg Manchess painted a head study of a female model in oil, with instructor Scott Fischer looking on.

Donato Giancola painted a wizard.

Iain McCaig used watercolor for a head study of a bodybuilder model who joined us last evening for a two hour pose. Since "Tarzan" was one of the five assigned topics, he was an inspiring subject.

Dan Dos Santos and I worked side by side in oil from the model, as many of the students joined in with their sketchbooks (photo by Irene Gallo).

Dan decided to shift the color range to a cool palette (left). I experimented with interpreting the same pose in an 8x10 inch oil study, and a half-hour watercolor pencil sketch in my sketchbook.

I also did a quick sketch of instructor Brom as he gave his lecture, with Noah Bradley looking on.

He had an easel set up and was working on a painting throughout the week, as did all the instructors.

Here's the full faculty roster of Illustration Master Class for 2012. From left: Irene Gallo, Iain McCaig, Scott Fischer, James Gurney, Doug Gregory, Donato Giancola, Dan Dos Santos, Rebecca Guay, Greg Manchess, Julie Bell, and Boris Vallejo. Not pictured is Adam Rex, who is on his way.

 Illustration Master Class


Tom Hart said...

This post and the websites of the artists that you mention are very inspirational. (Not to mention that it makes me homesick for the Pioneer Valley.)

How did you get that panaramic shot of the room (w/ the bodybuilder model)? That is one HUGE group of artists focusing on a single model.

Super Villain said...

awesome! looks like an amazing group of teachers this year, also really enjoyed your interview from spectrum that was posted on SideBarNation yesterday.

i agree with the importance of getting a fantasy museum up and running with a permanent collection of fantasy art. so many fantastic fantasy artwork being packed away and sold to private collectors. and with digital artwork becoming more popular over time it will be so difficult to get a hold of those original paintings to put into a museum. the time to get something like this up and running would defiantly be now!

it would be great to see you and other fantasy artists, and fantasy art publishers work together to start a giant kick-starter campaign to get a permanent fantasy art collection at a permanent location.

if you guys do get a awesome fantasy art museum up and running keep a job opening for me would ya!

Tom Hart said...

Super Villain's comment reminds me of the wonderful Words&Pictures Museum that used to reside in Northampton, MA (nearby to Amherst, as it happens). The museum was started by Eastman (and Laird?) the creators of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. The exhibits, both permanent and visiting, were incredible. Fantasy art was, as you might guess, the focus.

Anonymous said...

I was so close to the IMC Yesterday...I could smell the digital, oil, and watercolor paint. The figure drawing class usually held at Amherst College In Spring and Fall on Tuesday's and Thursdays was held just across town at The Nacul Center.

You can still see the Ninja Turtle Gargoyles on the Old Words and Pictures Museum Building in Northampton, MA. It was a sad day when the Museum was closed. I'll second the incredible exhibits and the visiting artists where always great to see.

The Society of Illustrators Building in NYC reminded me a lot of the Words and Pictures Museum...with a bonus -a bar, and outside seating.

Hope you had a great time at the IMC Jim, Hope to see you at Norm Rockwells place in July.

Mike P. IMC2010

Jason Peck said...

Hey James,

Your watercolor portrait is excellent! Love how luminous and vibrant it is.

Keith Parker said...

I painted my final project today. It was a reproduction of the above image that you painted in oil. I technically don't turn it in until tomorrow but I have to work to work so I'll be late for class. Because of this I already showed it to the teacher. He gave me an +A. Thanks for giving me permission to use your painting James! Hope to attend the IMC next year!!!

Amber said...

James, one of my fond memories of IMC 2010 was the last night of the week when you and Jeanette came down to the common room of the dorm. A group of us were passing around our sketchbooks and doodling in them, and it was I think midnight or 1am and you began sketching along with us (after politely telling us "no more speeches" about how honored we were to be in your presence)! Heh heh...

Even though I haven't been able to make it back since, I'm pleased that you've become a regular at IMC!

James Gurney said...

Tom, I think Irene panned the camera around and used a photo stitching program. We actually had two models, because there was a female model doing quick poses at the same time.

Super V, thanks for telling me about the Sidebar interview getting posting. It was great to meet Swain and Dwight. Good idea with the Kickstarter campaign, but first we need a believer heading such a museum to step forward with a willingness to undertake such a vision. You'd be a good person to have on the advisory board of such a place.

I remember the Words and Pictures museum, and participated in a show there in Northampton. It was a bold move on Kevin Eastman's part, and I wished it could have lived longer.

James --Thanks. Keith -- You're welcome!

Amber, I enjoyed that as much as you did. I only regret that I get dead tired at about 11:00. If only I had Iain's late night energy.