Thursday, September 4, 2014

Kent, Ohio

This morning we took a walk around the campus of Kent State and then I did this gouache painting at the corner of Water and Main Streets.

Colors: White, Cadmium Yellow Medium, Venetian Red, and Burnt Umber. In this set of colors, a tint of Burnt Umber looks like blue violet.


Diana said...


You are in Kent, Ohio? Will you be teaching while here? If so, any openings still? I work at KSU so your post and painting today was a lovely surprise. Really like the overall golden color of your painting too!

Diana Ryman

James Gurney said...

Hi, Diana, What a great town you're in. Sorry, we had to keep heading west because we're on our way to teach a workshop in Wyoming. Hope to come back to Kent another time.

Martha said...

Lovely-- late summer haze captured perfectly!